Hygiene is a very important aspect of life. But what does it mean? Hygiene is defined as practices or conditions that aim to maintain health and prevent disease, through an emphasis on cleanliness. Simply put, hygiene refers to common safety practices that aim to prevent the spread of infectious germs. Hygiene has always been a huge cause for concern in the history of mankind.

Despite advancements in technology and increased global literacy rates, mankind continues to follow unhygienic practices. It is only in the wake of devastation that man seems to even consider the importance of hygiene.

This was especially true during the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID 19) epidemic. There has been a huge jump in the sales and usage of masks and sanitizers; it took an epidemic to remind human beings about the importance of hygiene.

Hence hygiene is very important and plays a significant role in the survival of the human race. It is a lack of hygiene that results in the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses. Hygiene is taking precautions to safeguard the self and people around from infectious germs. But when it comes to hygiene, all that people seem to know about is wearing a mask outdoors and frequent handwashing. But is that enough? Are cloth masks even effective? Are there any other means of covering the entire face and thus increasing personal hygiene outdoors?

How does screen guard help in hygiene?

According to the latest research findings, screen guards or face shields are highly effective in promoting hygiene. While a face mask can only cover one’s mouth and nose (thus leaving a lot of uncovered area), a screen guard covers the entire face with transparent plastic. Using a screen guard for hygiene along with a mask can drastically improve the individual’s protection from infectious germs. When combined with other hygienic practices such as social distancing, sanitizing, and frequent handwashing, the risk of infection will be at its lowest.

Importance of using screen guards for hygiene:

Below are a few reasons why the usage of screen guards is a must:

  1. Prevention of disease

Screen guards play a key role in the prevention of disease and infections by covering the whole face and thus securing the individual from harmful viruses and bacteria.

2.     Boosting morale and self-confidence

The screen guard is important for boosting one’s morale and self-confidence. Why? Because knowing that we are protected from harmful germs while outdoors can make us feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident instead of anxious.

3.     Social and professional acceptance

Nowadays, not wearing a mask is a reason enough for people to avoid standing near you. By using a screen guard (along with a mask), the individual conveys that they are presentable to others, thus resulting in social and professional acceptance.

4.     Life satisfaction

Being free from disease, gaining social acceptance, and gaining feelings of self-confidence together contribute to the individual’s life satisfaction, happiness, and wellbeing; all of this is possible through the use of screen guards.