When a customer walks into a retail store, he is attracted to the clean and tidy look of the store interior. Proper display of products and maintaining a soothing interior is the key to attract more customers to your store. Acrylic displays are the modern answer for a cleaner and non-obstructive vision. While you have a well-structured commercial space, your customers will take an interest to touch and feel the products, and they might get interested in investing in your products or services. 

Here are a few benefits which businesses have experienced by adopting acrylic retail display.

  • Better visibility of products

While you use acrylic retail displays such as tiered acrylic risers, pedestal raisers, etc., on shelves, cube units, or racks, it allows customers to take a clear look at the product. Their vision is not restricted due to the clear finish of acrylics. It has been seen that with the use of acrylic retail displays, companies have been able to sell more products. Industries like mobile phone showrooms, fashion accessories retailers are more in use of such acrylic displays. 

Acrylic displays make the interior of the workspace look clean and neat which also happens to influence the buyer’s mind. Though the buyer may not decide to make a purchase decision right away, he will take a moment to consider buying the product by looking at its dimensions clearly without any objection.

  • Gives the store a cleaner and organized look

What do we see while visiting a store? The first thing that strikes our mind is the cleanliness and organization of the store as a whole. Our buying decision also largely depends on the organizational quality of a store. Acrylic displays not only give a store a cleaner look but also enable it to give it an organized look. It features the products in a frame or structure yet gives a clean look. It allows customers to take a direct look into the product while not restricting their vision. acrylic display can be used at the billing counter as a counter guard to maintain social distancing.

  • Easy to clean

Acrylic displays do not develop scratches like plastics. It remains like new for a long time, and thus there is no need to change the materials often. To maintain the shine of the acrylic display, a gentle wipe is sufficient and it will retain its original look. It is also easy to disinfect and remove the finger stains from the surface. The easy maintenance also makes acrylic displays a favourite of the retailers.

  • A wide range of variety

 Acrylic displays come in a wide range of variety in terms of colour, shape, and size. It could be used on shelves, tabletops, showcase, etc. it could be customized according to the customer’s needs. 

Grab acrylic displays for your retail store today

It is time to change your old plastic retail displays with HyScreen new acrylic guards. Give your customers more reasons to stop by a displayed product and take a look into it. While customers spend more time in your store, it is likely, and they will make a buying decision more often.