A sneeze guard is the best way to create distance between you and your customer. But a lot of businesses don’t have an accurate idea of where they should put it. Thus, here are some of the best places to keep sneeze guards.

Reception area

Your office entrance area, even known as the Reception area, should have a sneeze guard as it also includes counter guards. Deliveries come back to this area, so it is crucial to have participation in between when there is interaction. Hanging a sneeze guard on a desk-mounted barrier could help reduce the spread of all germs that mainly spread in your front office. If your reception area is small or fitted in an enclosed space, it could minimise airborne debris.


Conference rooms

You can help promote social distancing when there is a staff meeting going on.  The staff meetings probably go on in a conference room. It is vital to have a custom size modular clear table divider down the middle of a large conference table.  It becomes more accessible for the participants and the representative to help everyone understand social distancing.



One of the other areas to have sneeze guards is the cubicles. If your team has their booth, you don’t need to change this entire furniture strategy. If the stalls are listed, are attached, you can install a sneeze guard right in between. It becomes a more accessible project and helps you to set the correct heights.

Open floor plans

If there are open floor plans around your area, then you can have the guards installed. The open floor plans keep the people distanced, and it gives the open layout a proper form of adjustment. Using a floor-standing room divider to build the necessary partitions between the cluster of desk guards present is one way to preserve and feel collaborative. It is vital to have them between the tables too.

Between the management

It is essential to have a divider in the management. It works in the best way and helps to get the work done in the top-level authorities. It minimises the germ contact from the outside sources too.

The canteen

Another best place to have the guards installed is the canteen. This is the central place where many people will come in contact and might spread the virus. This is why it is essential to have guards in the canteen to help the employees and employers maintain a proper distance whenever they contact each other.


These are the primary ways through which you can install the guards around your office. They help you to minimise the spread of germs wherever you want. On the other hand, acrylic barriers sound good as they sound hygienic and make you practice all the cleaning practices.