Covid-19 has changed the way we do business. Everyone in the business needs to have an acrylic sneeze guard that can be protective and even help every person working. But some of the most important businesses need to have this guard, particularly if you have that sort of service. Here is the list mentioned right.

Why are sneeze guards needed?

Sneeze guards are transparent plastic or glass sheets that are thin and clear. These products are intended for use in environments where consumers and workers come into close contact. Some service areas include where you need to come face to face with a customer. This is why a sneeze guard is vital. It is customised according to your location size and even an installation method. One of the best things about them is that they are readily available and easily installed. These are transparent barriers that prevent people from transmitting germs to each other or spreading them all in an enclosed space.

5 businesses that need the use of sneeze guards

Protection is one of the main factors of a workplace. If the employees and customers are not protected, it can create many issues later on. These are the top business ideas that might need acrylic sneeze guards as their ultimate protection.


Even before the pandemic, it was important for restaurants to have some partition. It keeps the waiter and customer at a regular distance. It becomes important for the customer to place their order and the waiter to take the same. This is why sneeze guard for restaurants comes in handy, specially for those who are germaphobes.

Salon and barbershop

Salon and barber shops are some kind of services which include a close contact with the customer. Screen guards can be installed in waiting areas and reception areas or even between the stylist and their chairs. Hairdressers can even wear them on their forehead, along with a complete PPE kit with attached dispensers.

Grocery stores

The risk of getting the coronavirus is high when you are coming close in contact with your customer. This is why having a sneeze guard at the grocery store is important. It gets your work done and even helps everyone to maintain a social distancing regulation.

Gym and fitness

Gyms and fitness centres have or should have screen guards to help them prevent the possible risk factor. Humans are adaptable creatures so gym owners can put these guards in the reception areas and especially when they are availing personal training.


Last but not least, offices should also have acrylic guards. Desk guards keep one employee at a proper distance from the other one. With non-essential workers returning to their offices, it is important for the management to obligate the use of these safety procedures to get started.


Every business should have these screen guards installed as it provides a necessary fact of safety and prevails the risk of concern.