For any communicable disease to spread water droplets are the easiest way of transmission. Be it your regular cough and cold or the deadly COVID-19, droplets and infection make it pretty easy for diseases to spread on a large scale and create a huge havoc. Until more than a year back it did not seem like that big of a problem, but ever since the pandemic hit ground- the need for effective solutions for protection against droplets and infections has become extremely important.

Here are a few solutions that will provide you protection against droplets and infections:

1.    Face Masks

Face masks are one of the most effective ways to avoid coming in contact with any kind of droplets of infections. One cannot guarantee someone else’s devotion towards taking the right precautions to avoid further spreading their disease, we can only count on ourselves to be responsible enough to not come in contact with the droplets and infection and protect ourselves. The mouth and the nose are the easiest gateway for any disease to attack you. It is very important to implement mouth and nose protection. A face mask will keep these vital parts covered and will help you encourage self protection. Just avoid touching your face altogether when out to avoid coming in contact with the disease while wearing a face mask.

2.    Social Distancing

Social distancing or maintaining a respectful distance of at least 6 feet from another human being, therefore, eliminating any need for coming in contact with the diseased person is an effective solution to protect oneself from droplets and infections. The recent pandemic has further emphasized the need for maintaining social distancing and how useful it is in reality. While practicing social distancing, even if the other person is carrying any disease and not wearing a face mask, the distance makes it hard for the droplets and infection to reach you and hence protects you.

3.    Sneeze guards

While in a public setting or office, like a grocery store or a hotel reception, you are bound to encounter all kinds of people with all kinds of problems. Under such circumstances social distancing is not possible in its literal sense and wearing a face mask can help till a point. This is where sneeze guards come handy. Installing a sneeze guard in your office will create a transparent wall of protection between you and the people you meet. This will make it extremely difficult for the droplets and infection to reach you, hence, serving its purpose to the fullest.
For effective use make sure that you install sneeze guards from a reputable company like HyScreen. Contact them today and get your sneeze guard installed!

4.    Thorough Sanitization

Thorough sanitization with an alcohol based cleaner is highly recommended to implement self protection and to avoid further spreading the disease. Be it your own home or a business setting, make sure to sanitize your area beforehand to kill the germs that hold the potential to get you sick.

For better effects, couple this measure with the rest of the precautions.

Stay safe- stay alert!