Schools and colleges are reopening after a long time close because of Covid-19 lockdown. Even though there is no compulsion since the reopening decision is left to specific schools, most schools are willing to open and start the curriculum. What about parents? Are they ready to send their children to school amid a pandemic situation?

No, most parents do not have clarity and are worried about maintaining sanitization and social distancing in school. In this situation, schools implement all kinds of approaches that abide by covid guidelines for reopening schools. For example, schools have implemented campus sanitization along with thermal scanning for students.

Here is a list of the top three school recommendations that they should consider before reopening after the covid-19 pandemic.

1.    Compulsory campus sanitization, staggered classroom, and thermal scanning

What needs to be changed in school premises? Sanitization should be made mandatory on school grounds and classrooms before even students reach the school. Daily sanitization is required for every class, work area, and corner in the school and laboratory. By doing this, schools can ensure that they provide hygienic space for educators, students, and school staff. Through thorough sanitization, schools can safeguard families from spreading the virus.

Classroom structure should also be changed since social distancing should be maintained inside the class. At least 2-3 meter distance should be maintained between students.

It is mandatory to implement and carry out thermal scanning for every student daily. Schools should arrange thermal scanning for all the staff, educators, teachers, and other workers in school. If a school member is not doing well or shows up with covid-19 symptoms, he should be quarantined immediately.

2.    Educate parents on minerals and vitamins consumption

The school authority’s responsibility is to counsel and educate both students and their parents on the consumption of vitamins and minerals in the covid-19 situation. Students should consume zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin, B and any other recommended supplements which boost their immunity. Coming to school in this situation is nothing but stepping out of their safe zone. Hence parents should be aware of the benefits of vitamins and mineral consumption at this point.

3.    Make mask, gloves, and social distancing mandatory

Along with offering the best education, schools should also help students and parents fight against coronavirus disease. Hence schools should form wearing masks and gloves mandatory for students and others. Social distancing is a must between students protecting children with sneeze guard.  Wearing a mask will avoid the spread of the virus and safeguard teachers, staff, and students on school premises.



Even though parents are not sure about sending their children to school and fear coronavirus, schools should make them comfortable by taking proper measures. Along with this, the school authority should arrange a meeting to address students’ and parents’ fear. By explaining the actions taken, staff and school authorities should make parents, students, and others feel safe to enter school. If the school implements the above three top recommendations, it is possible to run everything smoothly like before.