Due to the ongoing pandemic, the restaurants, bars, and offices have to adapt to the new normal and follow government COVID advisory. Entrepreneurs now follow new innovative ways to maintain social distancing in public places in the food and beverage industry. They need to be creative to encourage customers to the restaurants and enjoy the hospitality. They have to show that they have taken all the precautions and placed signs in place, even by ensuring that all the staff follows the COVID rules for sanitization.

Every working place has now worked on getting people to work online and hold a meeting and virtual get-togethers through online platforms to connect and discuss. It is a great way to social distance and prevents the spread of the deadly virus.

Social distancing in public places

There are lesser chairs on the table. A table for four will now have a table for two and so on. The restaurants use the pavements to place tables and chairs to avoid being in rooms wherein people breathe in the same air. Many restaurants took to rooftops for serving, and many stuck to takeaways either online or one person to come at the counter for placing the order. To make this all the more interesting, placing mannequins between tables. Waiters are wearing a face shield and cafe screens on the tables to maintain social distancing in restaurants.

Benefits of social distancing

Where a lot of people congregate, you will find that social distancing is more important. The utmost safety concerns have to keep in mind and adhering to the government policy on COVID protocols. Plastic partitions are made for co-workers in offices to prevent the spread of covid wherein a minimum staff is allowed to work in shifts after every sanitization session. It is a good way of maintaining social distancing in offices.

Accepting cash is avoided in pubs and restaurants, and people are encouraged to pay online using pay portals or e-wallets. Many rules get implemented in public places to avoid any spread of the virus. There are checks of temperature, and sanitizers are placed at all spots to encourage people to sanitize frequently.

Some innovative ideas for social distancing

Restaurants provide drive-through experiences for people who want to collect their meals and enjoy them in their respective vehicles. It’s a good experience of eating with your music and people you love and favorite food as well. There are places where food gets delivered by toy trains, so there is no human service. In certain places, food is delivered in a basket using the old-fashioned pulley and lever system to the diner. Every experience is unique and fun, keeping in mind the social distancing rules.

The restaurant is placing blow-up dolls to make the restaurant look full and not let lone customers feel isolated even in the COVID situation. Several pubs and restaurant owners use their parking space to put up chairs for different kinds of dining experiences. The outdoor preference allows putting the social distancing norm more stringently while allowing people to enjoy their meal as usual.