The global pandemic has caused the closure of schools and colleges to prevent the spread of the virus. However, schools are now opening up by adapting measures in regards to the new normal. School authorities are taking extra precautionary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. They are ensuring social distancing and installing desk guards for schools to provide extra precaution to their students and staff.

While we sneeze or cough, our saliva travels as fast as 50 mph which expels more than 3000 droplets in one shot. This is enough to spread germs and viruses that are transferable. While these natural phenomena can not be restricted, but with the help of devices such as sneeze screens, the transfer of virus can be prevented. 

Sneeze screens are not medical devices. However, they are entitled to possess PPE properties that can slow down the transmission of viruses and germs. 

In a closed environment such as classrooms, sneeze screens are beneficial to prevent the virus’s spread.

How do sneeze screens help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Young students are unlikely to wear masks properly at all times. They are too young to abide by the norms that must be followed to prevent the virus’s spread. Installation of student desk sneeze guards assures an extra protection layer to safeguard students’ health even if they are not wearing masks properly.

Further, while interacting with their classmates during recess, students sometimes overlook the instruction of safe distancing. In such a scenario, sneeze guards for school desks work the best to prevent them from infections.


Today, schools and colleges sneeze guards as extra protection to maintain their students and staff’s good health. With such precautions in place, the schools have started operating with less to no chance o transmission of the COVID-19 virus

How does sneeze screens help to maintain personal hygiene?

Like face masks and hand gloves, sneeze guards help with hygiene for schools and various institutions that deal with interacting with others or are customer-based. Sneeze screens act as a visual reminder to establish self-hygiene and maintain a safe distance from one another. It restricts unnecessary tough or exchange of face to face interaction with others.

Different use of desk guards in schools

School desk sneeze guards are widely used in schools in classrooms where students share a table. It is also used in computer rooms and other laboratories where students need to work together. Alongside it is also used at the school offices and canteens to maintain safe distancing and hygiene.


While there are no such standards to be maintained while installing sneeze screens or sneeze guards, but shools, especially canteens, ensure that they use food grade guards in such areas.


Along with safeguarding the students and staff’s health, the school authorities look forward to starting classes as normal. With precautions in place, such as installing student desk sneeze guards and protective shields, schools can gradually increase students’ occupancy in classrooms. This may also mean that school authorities can return to business by eliminating the chances of transmission of COVID-19 by undertaking safety measures.