The Covid 19 pandemic has been going on for over a year now and continues to affect lives till date. During the initial stages, the impending fear of infection caused world governments to take necessary safety precautions to prevent the virus spread. Hence, lockdown had been imposed in nations worldwide, and a lot of restrictions had been placed. But as time has now passed on, gradually Covid19 restrictions are decreasing, and lockdowns are being lifted. 

The virus continues to spread and is still a threat, but people need to resume their everyday lives.  Hence, there is a need to take precautions in all public places such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, banks and government offices. But what precautionary measures can be taken? How can public places help prevent the spread of Covid19? Does it require a great deal of investment? Can such efforts continue to provide benefit even after the threat of Covid19 has passed? The answer to all of these questions is ‘Sneeze Guard’.

  1. What is Sneeze Guard?

    A sneeze guard is a plexiglass barrier that helps to prevent dispersal of infection by pathogens. Sneeze guards are especially useful in promoting hygiene. Sneeze guards help prevent Covid disease by protecting both the person within the sneeze guard and the person outside from transmitting or receiving the virus, in airborne mode, to and from each other.

    Varieties of Sneeze Guards

    Sneeze guards are available in a wide range of varieties; from regular table top sneeze guards to standing sneeze guards to hanging sneeze guards to sneeze guards that can be built around a desk. This helps to increase the usage of sneeze guard as it can be customised according to the users’ needs. The best part about sneeze guards is that they are effortless to maintain. They are made from strong plexiglass material; thus, they are scratch and chip-proof. Sneeze guards can easily be cleaned using regular glass cleaning solutions and hence be sanitised (and ready for use).

    How Sneeze Guards prevent the spread of Covid

    It is known that Covid virus spreads when in physical contact with an infected person, their personal belongings and even close proximity (via aerosol droplets). Sneeze guards help to prevent transmission and also promote social distancing.


    They provide so many benefits that sneeze guards’ usefulness will continue to exist even after the Covid19 pandemic. Sneeze guards can help promote hygiene in public places. They can be used in offices, restaurants, public offices, banks, educational institutions, and other public places. Sneeze guards are an investment that continues to be beneficial even during the long term. Plus, sneeze guards are mass-produced, making them available at budget-friendly prices, and the cost of maintenance is also low.


    Sneeze guards are necessary to help prevent the spread of Covid19. Using sneeze guards can help drastically alter the course of Covid 19 pandemic by causing a fall in the number of Covid cases. Once the pandemic is over, sneeze guards can be used for maintaining hygiene.