Here’s Why Screen Guards Will Never Go Out Of Trend

Something that continues to threaten humanity is the COVID pandemic. The Coronavirus Pandemic began in December 2019, in China. Eventually, it managed to grasp the entire globe within its palm; thus spreading the infection to almost all countries in the world. While humankind has witnessed various pandemics during his existence, the COVID 19 is the latest and the first one to attack in a long time. What’s worse is that no cure to COVID 19 has been discovered as of now, thus increasing the risk of infection and causing widespread fear among the public.

But before we progress any further, let us try to revisit what is COVID 19 and why it is so dangerous.

About The COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019. It initially started in Wuhan, China and gradually spread to other parts of the world. It is generally transmitted via physical contact with an infected person. But research has indicated that it can also be transmitted by being near an infected person (even without having to touch) through aerosol droplets that the person disperses around them.

Some of the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus include fever, dry cough and tiredness. But more critical cases of the virus have been found to demonstrate difficulty in breathing and chest pain. COVID 19 is dangerous for older people, especially those who are already suffering from high blood pressure, respiratory issues, heart problems or diabetes.

Screen guard: A Countermeasure Against COVID-19

As the days pass, the world has come to live amidst the virus, and people have slowly begun to return to their usual activities. But as the world gradually shifts back to normal functioning, especially while the virus continues to rampage and there is no cure to it, the chances of COVID 19 cases rising would be high. Hence, the government and various health service providers have stressed the need to adopt protective measures against COVID 19. Apart from social distancing, wearing face masks and using sanitizers, another countermeasure is the use of screen guards. Effective usage of sneeze guards works as a protection shield.
The screen guard is a plexiglass, transparent screen barrier. It serves to prevent the spread of the virus by placing a barrier between people. Hence both the person within the barrier and the people outside the barrier are safe from each other. The screen guard is being utilized in restaurants, banks, bars, public offices and workplaces. As a result, it minimizes the spread of viruses

Why Screen Guards Will Never Go Out Of Trend

Screen guards will undoubtedly be there for more days to come. It is a one time investment that serves a long term purpose, i.e., maintaining hygiene. The omnipresent property of sneeze guards makes it hassle-free for everyday use. Moreover, COVID 19 pandemic has taught humanity the importance of hygiene. Hence, even after the virus has been dealt with, screen guards will continue to exist to uphold the safety and hygiene of people and to remind people about the need to maintain their hygiene.