The current pandemic has left people in dire need of preventive measures to avoid getting in contact with the virus. This bare necessity has increased the demand of Sneeze Guards for not coming in direct contact with anyone infected or anything that can be a breeding ground for the virus. In the beginning, these face shields and sneeze guards were mostly required by just the doctors and hospital staff. But as the economy took a hit, there was no other option left but to relax the lockdown. This has resulted in the need for sneeze guards for everyone.

What are the polycarbonate sheets?

Polycarbonate sheets are thermoplastic sheets that happened to be transparent. They are incredibly tough and quick absorbents, which make them resistant to both, impact damage and water damage.

Other than that, they are also flame-retardant and chemical resistant in nature.

There are 2 types of Sneeze Guards available immediately:

  1. Glass Sneeze Guards; and
  2. PETG Sneeze Guards.

Here are 5 reasons why PETG sneeze guards are better than glass sneeze guards!

1- They are easier to install and wear

In these challenging times, the need of the hour is to work efficiently and quickly. Under such circumstances, we must try to find something to make this situation as comfortable as we can. Sneeze guards made from PETG are lightly weighted, which makes them easy to wear and install around.

2- They are easily accessible.

When there is a sudden requirement to make immediate arrangements to prevent the spread of the novel CoronaVirus, the material must be easily accessible for the people to make the needed arrangements and instalments for their safety. While on the one hand, when someone goes about to find a glass sneeze guard, they are not available that easily. On the other hand, PETG sneeze guards are easily accessible!

3- They are easy on the pocket.

It is no hidden fact that plastic is much more prevalent in the market these days, and is relatively quickly accessible too. In such challenging times, when people are losing their jobs and existing on minimum wages, savings are taking a hit in every household. While people can ignore the unnecessary purchases, the necessary purchases like sanitisers and sneeze guards are an investment that cannot be ignored. Under such circumstances, it is crucial that anyone and everyone should be able to access this equipment.

PETG Sneeze Guards are easy on the pocket, and anyone can buy them!

4- They are easy to maintain

While the maintenance of a glass sneeze shield requires a lot of effort and cleaning, PETG sneeze guards are severe and quick absorbents that make their care more comfortable and convenient to use.

5- They are not a safety hazard

With glass sneeze guards, you are always on your toes, because there’s a high possibility of them breaking and injuring you. But on the other hand, PETG sneeze guards are tough and resistant to impacts, which makes them not just a better option for adults, but kids too.

One reckless choice can make these tough times a bigger headache. Get PETG sneeze guards and ease your tension.