Sneeze guards are the best and most effective solution to stay away from germs and infection. It provides complete protection from contamination. The pandemic is a testing time for everyone, and it has affected the lives of many. Life should move on, and people have to step out to work and fulfill other personal commitments. During such a scenario, a sneeze guard works as a savior. The sneeze guards in the office are a must, especially when you have frequent visitors at your work desk.

Many companies want their employees to work from their premises. Sneeze guard works as a protection shelf and a must for all the staff members. It is one of the best hygienic and precautionary measures after handwashing and wearing masks.


The prolonged usage of sneeze guards can cause opaqueness and can eventually affect productivity. The sneeze guards are usually made with thin yet sturdy material. Sneeze guards are available in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions to suit everyone. Based on the workspace and desk size, you can get the right size installed; it ensures workplace safety. Prevention is always better and is much needed during the current scenario.


Sneeze guard is usually transparent, but with regular usage, it can carry finger impression, dust, droplets, etc. Since the sneeze guard is a plastic/glass-like material used for social distance employees and people, it comes in contact with multiple people every day. Excessive use makes the sneeze guard opaque.

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent your sneeze guards from going opaque

  1. Clean the sneeze guard multiple times a day using a good disinfectant spray.
  2. Avoid touching the sneeze guard with bare hands.
  3. Wear masks and gloves to prevent cross-contamination and opaqueness.
  4. If you experience any wear and tear on the sneeze guard, change it.

Sneeze guard opaqueness is quite common, especially when you have frequent visitors at your workplace. Encourage the cleaning staff to frequently wipe the sneeze guard with clean cloths and disinfectant cleaner regularly. The above-mentioned maintenance tips for sneeze guards will reduce the opaqueness.

Regular cleaning is the best solution to prevent the sneeze guard from going opaque in the long run. The screen guards are a must for hygiene if you are planning to get back to the workplace.