The current scenario is getting unpredictable with every passing day. The pandemic is taking a toll on all; the coronavirus is spreading like a forest fire. People try to protect themselves from COVID-19, but one way or another, they fail in it, and there is a significant increase in the spreading of infection. We may be allowed to step out and buy groceries, but there is no lockdown for stopping the vigorously spreading. We have to take a lot of precautions before we step out of our house.

Here are some things to consider before going to the supermarket

  1. Be preplanned before heading to the supermarket, make a list ahead of required things; this will make the shopping easy and quick.

  2. Make sure that you don’t go and shop at peak hours. Have a decent stock at home as a backup.

  3. When you are shopping, be careful that you don’t touch anything except the essential things you need because there are chances of germs to contact your hands.

  4. Online shopping can also increase the infection spreading; don’t forget to sanitize when you receive the package.

  5. While shopping practice social distancing, it is vital and should not be skipped.

  6. If you have any cold, cough, or flu symptoms, it is better to postpone the supermarket trip.

  7. While stepping out of the supermarket, make sure you sanitize your hands sufficiently. Take a shower once you are back home.

Here are some precautions that you can take:

  1. Go to the supermarket, which takes needful precautions like temperature check, sanitization, giving masks and gloves to visitors and has installed counter guards. These are necessary steps to make supermarkets safe. It is best to carry your sanitizer or disinfecting wipes and masks. After purchasing all your groceries, clean the outer cover using the disinfecting wipes. Please do not use anything before you sanitize them.

  2. Make sure to wash the vegetables and fruits using a cup of vinegar or turmeric powder and salt, which will help kill the germs and bacteria, if any.

  3. While you are in the supermarket, sanitize your hands frequently when you are purchasing at the grocery store and make sure that you don’t often touch your eyes, nose.

  4. When you go to the grocery store, if you need a cart,make sure to wipe the handle.

  5. If you feel going out is very dangerous, ask your nearest grocer if home delivery is possible. The supermarket is one of the most contaminated places because every day, a new visitor can randomly touch everything.