Due to lockdown, we have all missed on a lot like catching up, gaming, travelling, partying, meeting, and socializing.  All the avid game lovers would have missed the game “Poker” a lot. The situation is now getting back to normal; the gaming zones are slowly opening up. If you have a gaming zone, it is a must to take needful precautions before inviting customers to your arcade.  Pokie guard is the best solution to keep your gaming zone safe and free from contamination.

What is a Pokie Guard

A good quality Pokie Guard works as a hygienic protection shield between the gamers. It looks like a plain glass/ plastic shield that protects you from the next person who is also playing an interesting game of pokie.  But, the Pokie guard is a much safer choice. The partition ensures your space is clean, free from infection and there is zero chances of cross-contamination.

Benefits of Pokie Guards

  1. Social Distancing

 Pokie guards ensure each player is socially distanced from one another. The pokie guard works as a barrier between 2 people, there is no risk of any contamination or virus.

  1. Cost-Effective

 Pokie guards are cost-effective and the safest choice. It prevents players to get in direct touch with each other and installation and implementation are cost-effective as well. 

  1. Easy to Install

Pokie guards are available in 2 prominent options i.e freestanding option and a smaller option which can be fastened with the help of VHB tapes along the machine sides. Both options take minimal time for the installation without any additional resources.

  1. Lower Maintenance Cost

The overall maintenance cost of the pokie guard is very less. It needs a one-time installation and is a durable choice. The life of a pokie guard is 5-7 years. It is durable and doesn’t require any hard core maintenance.

  1. Easy to Clean

The biggest benefit of using a pokie guard is the ease of using.  It can be cleaned like regular glass, just spray a generous amount of disinfectant and wipe it. To maintain complete safety, it is best to clean the pokie guard at least 4-5 times a day or after each player leaves.

Pokie guards are the safest choice for gaming centres, it is a cost-effective option and easy to maintain. The chances of spreading infections can be reduced to a great extent with the help of pokie guards for gaming clubs.