Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. The monotonous life is killing each one of us. Many have this urge to step out, meet their friends over a drink, and party hard at a bar. But safety comes; first, life has to move on, and with the right safety precautions, the bars can be a safe place to hang out with buddies.

It is challenging to wear a mask in the bar and meet friends for a get-together. Washing hands, using sanitizer, gloves, shows, and avoiding direct contact with everyone is also not possible every time. Moreover, a six feet distance is hard to maintain. During such a scenario, the bar guards are an efficient choice to make the bar a safe place to party with folks.

What are the Bar Guards?

Bar guards are efficient settings that can prevent the spreading of infections. An ideal choice where people meet and socialize in large groups. The bard guard works as a hygienic and protective shield between the staff and the customers. This bar guard can be used to create safe social distancing. The bar guards work as a robust protective shield. You can enjoy lavishing drinks, good music, and excellent company without fearing about the spreading of infection. Bar guards are durable, easy to maintain, and can also be customized.

Need of Bar Guards to Ensure Safety during Covid-19 times

  • Social Distancing

 The most common way to prevent the spreading of infection is to ensure social distancing is maintained. A bar guard ensures there is enough distance between 2 customers as well as the staff. You are not under the risk of any contamination or spreading of infection.

  • Easy to Install

 The bat guards can be easily installed on the existing bar set up. You can fix the desired number of bar guards based on the width of your serving table.

  • Cost-Effective

The most significant benefit of using the bar guard is, it is a cost-effective addition to the already existing setup. All you need is to install the bar guards, and it hardly takes much time.

  • Low Maintenance

 Bar guards are protective shields that are made with durable materials that are easy to clean and use. Frequent cleaning and wiping of bar guards can ensure a better life and safety.

  • Customization

Based on the length, width, depth, and size of the desk, you can customize the bar guards’ size. No matter what size you need, the bar guards can be customized and installed at your bar. The bar guards are available in 3 fast-moving shapes, and the wisdom can also be tweaked.

Suppose you own a bar and want to bring back the old joy and surprise your visitors with a happy time. In that case, the necessary safety precaution should not be ignored. Make sure to follow the safety measures mentioned above by installing bar guards for your customer and staff’s wellbeing.