Life has come to a standstill after the pandemic, but things are slowly changing and people are trying to accept the new normal. People are stepping out especially for work. The workplace is something where people spend most of their time. Hence, it is the responsibility of the firm to take good care of employees and take needful precautions. Hygiene is something which every workplace should follow; it is the best possible way to control the spread of infection. A desk guard is the best option to reduce the spreading of airborne infection carrying particles. This is a must-have if you share the same desk with co-workers

What is a Desk Guard?

A desk guard is the best companion for an office desk. It works as a protective barrier between you and your co-worker. The desk guards are made with high-quality material and it works as an extension beyond the work desk ends. The physical barrier ensures there is no spreading of infection or any airborne particles. The barrier covers till the face level as well.

Benefits of Desk Guards Ensure Workplace Safety

  1. Distancing Co-Workers

Desk guards are the best and effortless way to socially distance the employees. The desk guards are easy to install and they can be customized as per preference. It also works as a divider with a glass panel.  So, all the employees working on the same office desk can work together with a considerable amount of space between them.

  1. Reduced Contamination

The chances of spreading infection, contamination from airborne disease can be reduced to a great extent. Desk guards work as a protection shield to safeguard the face and body until the waist of an individual. When you are covered with a desk guard, you can safeguard yourself from another person’s sneeze, cough, or other airborne diseases.

  1. Easy to Clean

Cleaning and overall maintenance of desk guards is super easy. You can simply clear the desk guards screen with non-abrasive cleansers or mild soap waters. Regular wiping is highly beneficial to remove the fingerprint marks on the desk guard. Regular cleaning of desk guards throughout the day prevents chances of infection.

  1. Quick Configuration

Fixing and removing the desk guard is easy and the configuration takes very little time. A single desk guard can be used to cover 1 working space. The configuration of the desk guard hardly takes much time, it is easy to fix and it is also very easy to remove.

  1. Cost-Effective

The desk guards are the most cost-effective and easiest path to prevent the spreading of infection. It is durable and easy to maintain. Unlike the traditional method of allocating a separate room or cabin to each employee, the desk guard can be used to create a separate workspace within budget.

A single sneeze or cough is enough to spread infection. If you want to make the work environment safe and free from infection, desk guards are a must. The safety of employees is of paramount importance in the current situation.