In this present situation of crisis, when survival has become the primary concern and with the struggle for existence getting strenuous every day, taking proper care of our body no more optional. Maintaining proper hygiene has become one of the most salient ways to escape from the dreadful consequences of the pandemic.

However, it is not possible to completely avoid getting out of our houses. To fetch the daily necessities, one has to step out of their house and visit the stores that provide them. This makes regular stores a probable area for the spreading of the coronavirus. However, if necessary steps are taken, we can avoid such happenings and provide the customers with a relatively safer place to shop.

Apart from the basic precautions of thermal checking at the entrance and providing the customers with hand sanitizers, several other measures are needed to be taken to ensure proper hygiene at the stores amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are the 7 most important steps to minimize the spread of airborne particles in stores:

  1. Sanitization of the products– the stores should sanitize their products each day without fail. In case of chance transmission of the virus from a customer to the products, sanitization would help to break the chain of transmission of the coronavirus.


  1. Installation of protective gear- installing counter guards and sneeze guards at the stores will help to minimize the spread to airborne particles from one person to another. Stores being the center of the human gathering, has the maximum chance of spreading the airborne particles. However, these protective guards act as a shield and reduce virus transmission. The store employees should also wear protective shields as a step to ensure further safety.


  1. Masks and gloves- masks and gloves should be made mandatory before entering the stores. No mercy on people without these essentials is to be granted. Strict actions are to be taken on people refusing to abide by the rules.


  1. Online money transfer- The payments done by cash increases the possibility of transmission of the virus via cash. Here, online methods of payments come to rescue.


  1. Disposal of carrying bags- the bags used to carry the commodities should be immediately disposed of after use. The disposal should be done in proper trash cans. Also, the commodities should be re-sanitized at home to ensure no transfer from the stores.


  1. Social distancing norms- a distance of at least 2 arms should be maintained between 2 people. During the time of rush, the store authorities must not allow the entry of all the customers at one time. The customers are to be divided into groups and each group should be given entry one by one. Moreover, standing places should be allotted to each customer, keeping in mind the 2-meter distance norm, at the counter


  1. Prohibition of touching the doors and desks: the customers should be instructed to not touch any desk or doors while entering or leaving the store. There should be a volunteer doing the task of opening and closing of the door during the time of a customer’s entry.