COVID-19 challenges people’s lives, it has been a year we are facing this pandemic. During this time many people got affected financially because they lost their jobs. For those who were working at that time they didn’t have any food courts or restaurants to dine. Food courts and restaurants are now permitted to open along with some safety measures for both staff as well as customers.  

Follow The Rules by the Health Department.

Food businesses must now also obey the requirements quantified in the guidelines; they must comply:

  1. Before opening any restaurants, you should defer to the department of health a COVID-19 safety plot agenda.
  2. Don’t allow a customer to bring their food to eat at the restaurants.
  3. Don’t allow customers inside without wearing masks and provide hand sanitizer to the customer before entering into the restaurants.
  4. A separate table should be arranged to keep a distance from each person.
  5. Don’t allow customers to seat more than 10 customers at a table.
  6. Place coating on the floor of its grounds where customers may line.

Everyone in the food business must follow the above rules in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Certain responsibilities are followed by the staff and the customers to decrease the risk of infection between staff to the general public. The things you should do are:

Cleanliness practices:

The staff in the restaurants should know and follow the hygiene practices that mentioned below:

  1. Before entering into the restaurant’s staffs must wash their hands frequently when making food.
  2. When communicating with customers wear a mask and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose during communicating with them.
  3. The staff should be excluded from the workplace when they are affected by COVID-19.
  4. The manager in the restaurant should give proper training to the staff and guide them.
  5. Wearing gloves is significant when dealing with food.
  6. Clean the table frequently between each customer.
  7. The buffet system should not be permitted in the restaurants.
  8. Clean the kitchen after the use by using any detergents.

Physical distancing:

Physical distancing plays an important role that we all can take to control the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. When a customer enters the food court, they will be sanitized and temperature will be checked before entering.
  2. Provide Plexiglass around the counters to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
  3. The dance floor is not allowed inside the restaurant in order to be safe.
  4. Decrease crowding.
  5. The tables should be arranged 1.5 meters away from another group.
  6. Manage the entrance and leaving points so that customers are not queuing at these points.

Keeping the record:

  1. Maintaining records helps to identify the staff and customer who gets affected by the coronavirus can be easily traced by their name and their mobile number.
  2. All settings should record their COVID-19 safety plan.
  3. Help your staff to know their benefits of keeping records by using COVID safe app.
  4. They must conjoin with NSW health if communicated concerning a positive case of coronavirus at your workplace.


The above mentioned precautions should be taken care to make food courts and restaurants safe from COVID and create a safe environment for everyone.