What are PETG and Polycarbonate sheets?

At corporate offices, bars, counters, banks we must have seen a shield through which we talk to peers, customers. That partition is made out of a material called Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG). Whilst the partitions are sometimes made out of Polycarbonate. 


PETG /polycarbonate sheets are thermoplastic sheets that are used for shields, displays, machine guards, because of the nature of it being transparent.


Polycarbonate sheets are thermoplastic sheets that are modifiable and very commonly used in the industry to make products that we come across regularly. These sheets can be altered to any shape possible which makes it conducive for recycling, molding. 


Polycarbonate sheets are considered very safe as these can be seen in phones, eyeglasses, medical equipment.


PETG is flexible enough which allows it to bend it to a greater extent without breaking the material. These sheets are known for their durability as its malleability permits it to arrive at complex designs. These are transparent and have a strong impact resistance at any given temperatures.


PETG has a long life and can be used for long, but it can break when dropped. These sheets are durable and thus budget-friendly.

Before diving into its usage, let's see the differences between PETG and Polycarbonate sheets

  • The impact strength of Polycarbonate is magnificent and can tolerate enormous pressure when compared to PETG. 
  • The cost of PETG is on the higher side when compared to the Polycarbonate.
  • The gloss finish of PETG is unmatchable, offering excellent toughness and chemical resistance.

How PETG/Polycarbonate sheets serve their purpose?

PETG sheets are prevalently used as packaging material for items that are consumed daily. 

The nature of the sheets makes it useful in various instances.


  • To carry food and beverage

As these are food-grade materials, using PETG sheets, water bottles, FDA – compliant food storage containers, and edible oil storage bottles.


  • Pharmaceutical industry

These are used for packaging medical devices as well. Due to its strong impact, it can sustain harsh sterilization processes.


  • Display units & partition shields


The malleable nature of PETG makes it very pliable and making it a sought after material for signage, display units, as it can provide safety for the employee and also the customer.


Polycarbonate sheets are having multiple uses as it has impact strength, durability, and flexibility. These sheets are gradually replacing the usage of materials like glass and plastic.


  • Automotive industry

Polycarbonate materials could be the foremost ones to be used for manufacturing products of stylish and aesthetic aspects in the industry. With the sleekness of these sheets, it can be used for various automotive parts. It is extensively used to manufacture headlights and windshields.


  • Electrical equipment

These sheets are used in the electrical and electronic industries as they are safe to use and has high heat resistance power. The durability makes the product reliable.


  • Eyewear

Eyewear glasses are supposed to be transparent, and its malleability makes it a good fit for the manufacturing of eyeglasses.


  • Protective Shields

With the additional scratch resistance coating provided to it, making it more durable and scratch-free for the usage by security personnel. 


For the flexible nature and the protection, it can provide to the users, this can be used both outdoor and indoor as it serves both the purposes. It is used as storage units in the markets displaying commodities and prevalently used for casting and molding purposes too.


  • PETG/Polycarbonate sheets

These are used widely and are replacing glass, plastic rapidly. It has many attributes that benefit users with its unparalleled features.