How To Make Your Gaming Club Corona Safe

For many, gaming clubs are our greatest source of relaxation after a tiring day at work. Why? Because it is there that they actually spend genuine time to socialize; it is a wonderful place where one can meet up with friends or a place to get acquainted with new people, especially people who share common interests. 

Gaming clubs, be it an arcade or a gambling den or both, is a place where anyone and everyone can find something fun to play and actually forget the stresses of life (be it their family circumstance or illness or work pressure or financial issues) to genuinely be happy. So gaming clubs are always active and busy.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic it has become excessively stressful for people around. Everyone is locked inside of their houses and due to social distancing, socializing is not as easy as it usually is. Despite the massive recession and unemployment that many are subjected to due to the COVID 19 pandemic, thankfully many are able to retain their jobs despite the pandemic by working from home. While this ensures the financial stability of people, when it comes to being able to go out or hang out with friends or have fun, they join the rest of the world in not finding any source of entertainment.

What’s worse is that as gaming club owners, shutting down of operation due to the COVID 19 pandemic means an indefinite period of zero revenue. But thankfully, governments across the world are slowly permitting the operation of places of entertainment like cinema theatres, malls and gaming clubs; provided that COVID 19 precautionary and safety regulations are met and upheld. So how can you make your gaming club Corona safe? Let’s find out!

  1. Using digital thermometer

Using digital thermometers is a precautionary practice that can help protect the health of other customers. It also reassures customers to enter your gaming club as they will know that it is relatively corona free.

  1. Use hand sanitizer wall dispensers

It is mandatory to keep hand sanitizers ready and at bay for customers. This protects both them and other people who may use their gaming zone (after they have left). Electric hand sanitizer wall dispensers are trendy and more user friendly than manual ones.

  1. Using sneeze guard screens

Screen guards help to ensure that your customers are safe by protecting them from sneezes of other gamers, thus giving them a sense of relief and reassurance. Plus it also substitutes for social distancing by putting up a barrier between two people. It is best to invest in a pokie guard for gaming clubs.

  1. Upholding social distancing

It is good to keep gaming stations a bit further away from each other; 6 feet of distance to be specific. This can help provide more protection to your customers.

  1. Motivating customers to use face masks and digital money

Finally, kindly ensure that all of your customers and employees wear face masks at all times to prevent the most direct means of COVID transmission. COVID is indirectly transmitted via physical cash so using digital currency is a more strategic means of preventing COVID infection.

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