With the outbreak of COVID-19, hygiene has become the priority at home as well as in the workplace. With offices opening up, it has been essential to provide a healthy work atmosphere where there is a lot of focus on maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere for office employees as well as visitors or clients. 


Why is it important to maintain hygiene at the office?


After the outbreak of the global pandemic such as COVID-19, the focus is completely on keeping ourselves safe. Safety from this deadly disease is only possible with proper hygiene methods in co-working spaces, such as offices, factories, medical clinics, shopping malls, etc. 


Other than cleaning, there is greater importance given to personal hygiene, desk guards, counterguards, and sneeze guards for COVID protection. With the help of these tools, it will be manageable to keep employees and visitors safe in an office environment.


It is also essential to frequently educate employees about maintaining personal hygiene to keep them safe. 


Frequent cleaning of the highly exposed or touched surfaces should be increased to diminish the chance of contracting the Corona Virus.



Here are the top 5 hygiene tips to practice at the office 


  1. Installing protective gear at the office- while the office is a place where employees co-work, maintaining a safe distance does not always work. Therefore it is essential to install protective gear at the office such as Sneeze Guard for COVID protection, counterguard, and desk guards. This minimizes the risk of exposure for the employees as well as the visitors at the office. It has been also seen that such protective measures are capable of restricting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 


  1. Encouraging personal hygiene measures- Office administrators should ensure that all employees practice personal hygiene measures. They must wash their hands frequently and also use face masks all the time to keep them protected. Even the visitors should be checked for all hygiene measures before entering the office premises. Frequent admin notification to employees will help them remind of the daily practice’s employees must do when at the office as well as at home.



  1. Frequent cleaning at the office- Normally offices are cleaned one of twice during the day. After the pandemic, it has become inevitable to keep the office premises clean all the time. Frequent wiping of the floor, cleaning of highly-touched places like desks, tabletops, chair handrails, should be encouraged. Admin should also look after the machines that are frequently touched at the office such as computers, elevator switch, electricity switch, etc. These machinery parts should also be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. 
  2. Cleaner restroom for employees- A clean bathroom is inevitable to ensure hygiene at the workplace. It is crucial to clean the bathroom frequently with floor disinfectants and also ensure that the toilets have enough stock of toilet papers, hand soaps, hand towels, tissue papers, etc. Keeping the toilet clean and dry will be beneficial to keep the entire office space clean.


  1. Supply tissue paper, clean wipes, and hand sanitizers- All office premises should provide tissue papers, clean wipes, and hand sanitizers to office employees and also keep stock for office visitors. There should be a check of body temperature at the entrance of the office with a hand sanitizing facility. 


There are the top measures that can help you create a safe office environment for employees and visitors at the same time.