Safety is the main concern for returning office workers. This extends from the foyer area to lifts, common kitchens, toilets, and of course, desks. Screens can be transparent or opaque. Traditional screens are made out of office partition materials but give staff a feeling of being removed and isolated. Clear safety screens and acrylic sneeze screens are typically made from cut to size Perspex® or Plexiglas® which are both brands of acrylic. Office sneeze guards can also be made from more flexible and durable materials such as PETG and Polycarbonate.

Office sneeze guards made from cut to size PETG are by far the most environmentally friendly option, especially when compared to cut to size Perspex® or fabricated and bent Plexiglas®. Acrylic such as Perspex® and Plexiglas® are a pvc based plastic. They provide similar safety in terms of a barrier against airborne droplets but are not as safe as PETG or Polycarbonate in that acrylic is brittle can break and leave sharp edges.

So bar far the safest office sneeze guard is one made from PETG or polycarbonate. Office sneeze guards made from PETG are clear, allowing in light for employee well being and flexible so they can be knocked with breaking.