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About HyScreen™

HyScreenTM is the best sneeze guard service offered by Mills Groups in Australia. At HyScreen, we are currently manufacturing a wide range of sneeze guards important for the protection of workers and customers from the spread of airborne diseases and viruses.

The protection of your employees/coworkers is crucial during this time of coronavirus, and we appreciate the risk that they are taking while working in the office. Keep your workers secure with our Desk Sneeze Guards and Shield.


Expedite the return of your staff and customers by protecting against the spread of airborne droplets. Hyscreen offers high-quality protective shields and screen guards that shield sneezes/coughs/breathing and protect people from the risk of catching coronavirus virus droplets.

Less Environmental Impact

HyScreens™ are mainly made with recyclable PETG, like drink bottles. Made up of PETG screens are strong, flexible and does not break easily and provide protection at workplaces without making people feel boxed in and helps in maintaining safe social distancing.


Mills Group has been manufacturing HyScreens™ throughout the coronavirus outbreak for multiple applications and sectors including retail, corporate buildings, restaurants/fast food, offices, schools/universities, etc. We have supplied over 20,000 to retailers and workplaces nationally.

Sneeze Guard & Protective Shield

It’s a whole new world, and we need to reflect on the health and safety of our employees and customers as never before. HyScreen provides the best protective shiels in Sydney, Australia and serves as a quick solution with its PETG and polycarbonate sneeze shields that are a permanent solution: not too complex or restrictive, just elegant, sterile and beautiful.

If you are interested in building a healthy and safe environment in your working place, then complete this simple form and get a quote as early as possible!

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Our range

Mills Group supplies retail, defence and aged care via our various Australian factories, including plastic manufacturing, cabinet making, and metal fabrication. One of the services offered by Mills group is in the form of HyScreensTM– best hygiene screen guards in Australia.

There are 5 unique hygiene sneeze screens – with Pending Australian Design Registration, providing unique protection against airborne particles during COVID-19 for most workplace environments.

Desk Guard - HyScreen™

Desks & workstations come in a range of sizes & shapes. We want to work with you to build a desk sneeze guard to guard your employees against airborne diseases and make the workplace safe and healthy.

Bar Guard - HyScreen™

Bars being an ideal place to have fun is mainly crowded. Split the place with the help of our bar sneeze guards and make the place more comfortable and safe for the customers.

Pokie Guard - HyScreen™

Divide the gaming zones in Australia with the help of our Pokie Guards and maintain a social distance between the children. Make your gaming zone covid free and safe for your customers.

Cafe Guard - HyScreen™

We will help you with the simplest way to divide the space in your cafe with the best cafe sneeze guards in Australia and will make you adjust with the new normal of the safe cafe place for your customers.

Counter Guard - HyScreen™

Quickly and securely separate space in any environment using our PETG Counter sneeze guard. Counter Shield, which is completely recyclable, can stand up to tough cleaners to maintain a sanitary atmosphere for both customers and employees.

The New COVID-19 Protection

The new invention from HyScreen, these sneeze guards are designed to help prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The guards are made of PETG and polycarbonate. Sneeze screens like these are suitable for use in retail environments and other public venues such as cafes, gaming patrons, bars, etc. Where interaction is necessary!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, we aim to be the most sought after Sneeze Guard manufacturers in Sydney Australia, accelerating the substantial growth and prosperity for our local and national clients. We are consistently evolving as an industry leader in the field of Sneeze Shield and protective guards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our clients’ workplace, cafes, bars and other public places healthy and safe, allowing them to utilise our PETG made sneeze guards and make them feel safe in their working hours. We want to consistently provide world-class products and seamless services that ensure the safety and health of our clients and customers, making them more efficient and effective in their business.


They are made out of PETG in the main, but some versions are Polycarbonate

No, they are all clear, but we can quote additional custom decals

They are supplied with super-adhesive 3M VHB tape

They do create a high bond for a durable product, but can be carefully removed without damage

1-2 weeks depending on the order size

For retail/small orders delivery is free.

The system is modular, based on a standard 600mm wide panel. These can be combined to cover most desk configurations, including by overlapping them if necessary.

No, HyScreens™  are self-installed. We do also have a fully enclosed model for large call centres which does require install help which we can provide.

By credit card over the phone or we can direct you over the phone to our Paypal account. Online purchasing on this website will be available mid May.

Yes, after you have finalized your order we can provide a pro forma invoice.

HyScreens™ are made at the 4 factories in Mills Group, 2 being in Brisbane, 1 in Sydney and 1 in Melbourne.


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What people say

Mills Group very professional and nothing is too hard or difficult, all my dealings with the Mills Team have been positive and a pleasure.
Tony Stojcevski
Great company to work with, Well experienced staff from office to warehouse and great knowledge. Doing business with them for last 5 years.Looking forward to work with Mills in coming years.
Aloka Malimbadage
Carpet Court
I have partnered with Mills for a number of years now. Their professional manner and ability to provide quality customised solutions is the key reason I keep going back. The ability the take on feedback and address concerns promptly is also worth noting. Great customer service is always just a phone call away. Kudos to the team there.
Hoang Huynh

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on March 11, 2020 that COVID-19 is a viral disease that has reached the level of a global pandemic.

Since then, a lot of safety measures have been taken by the government to ensure that all the necessary precautions are being taken and with the growing epidemic, sneeze guards have already become a necessity in supermarkets and grocery stores.

As this global health crisis continues, sneeze shields will become a permanent fixture in many businesses as they provide valuable protection for workers. A sneeze guard stops the transmission of germs from one body to another via sneezing or coughing and has been touted as the simple precautionary measure that would become a common feature of life post COVID-19 at least for a period for 6-10 months.

In order to get staff back working at the office, desk screen guards need to be used. These are specially designed to reduce the spread of airborne particles as people sit at their desks in offices. We are used to such measures being taken in retail workplaces but not yet in other offices. However, in order to restart work in offices, office spaces need to be made safe from the spread of viruses and the use of desk screen guards will help in doing that effectively. This will also boost the morale of the staff as they would feel more comfortable and safe working behind an acrylic screen that would keep them isolated from airborne diseases.

Gaming Zones are another area where people sit and play in close contact with other customers and in order to make gaming zones safe from COVID-19, installation of pokie screens is a must. Pokie screens  provide a hygienic protective barrier for gaming patrons that would inhibit the transmission of the virus from one person to another.

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted around the world, people are starting to go back to bars and pubs but there are still concerns shown by customers to be present in highly populated environments. Installation of bar shields is the first step that needs to be taken in order to ensure that your bar is a safe place. Bar Shields  provide a hygienic protective barrier between customers and staff and also protects customers from each other. It shows that conscious efforts are being made by bar owners to ensure their customers safety.